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Born in Southern Ontario Canada, Marty got started in his fathers country band. Did his first paying gig at age twelve. Played in local bands and became the bass man on a little live radio show every Saturday afternoon. Often unrehearsed, the songs had to be learned quickly. This kind of pressure was good experience.

Guitar and banjo were part of Marty’s musical world, and eventually he left for California to find more musicians like himself. At this time he met George and John Kincheloe and Mark Karen and played mostly original music through out California and New Mexico.

Through the evolution of a musicians life there are many stops and starts and there were different bands of all kinds  He eventually scored a Major record deal with Atlantic Nashville, a second deal with Curb/MCA and a song writing deal with EMI. Too stubborn to write country formula, Marty, over a five year period wrote just what he wanted to write and it was all approved because he had a record deal and could get away with it. Now he has 4 CDs of this very music (CACTUS CHOIR,BIG PLANS,TWO ROOM SHACK AND WESTERNS that you can find on Cdbaby .

What at first seemed like bad luck has actually turned out pretty good. The song writing deal afforded Marty a small personal recording studio, and he now has the equipment and know-how to record and produce CDs. He is producing for others as well,

Marty has found a comfortable home in ATKINSON-KINCHELOE playing real music and playing it for real people.



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