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In 1973, on the advise of legendary country rock singer Gram
Parsons, George Kincheloe left Boston and brought his
singing/songwriting skills to L.A. While there he worked in
studio and on stage with such talents as Loggins and Messina,
Gene Clark (Byrds), Al Kooper, Andy Kuhlberg (Blues Project,
Seatrain) and Al Stewart.

George has been leader & lead vocalist for two
popular Northern California bands, Boardinghouse Reach and
Hooligan (Nu Motion Records) and has appeared in concert with
Dave Mason, The Doobie Brothers, New Riders of the Purple
Sage, Elvin Bishop, Norton Buffalo, and Marty Balin.

In Los Angeles and through the days of Boarding house Reach and Hooligan, George was in partnership with his identical twin brother John Kincheloe. John is a world class drummer and was always on hand for harmonies, songwriting and mischief as well.  In 1986 John moved to the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York where he is thriving as the top local percussionist (and teaching American history at prep and college levels).

George found Lisa Atkinson while searching for a new vocal partner to sweeten the sound of his first solo release, Painted Dragon, in 1992. Lisa and George have been partners in crime ever since. 

The original touring version of Boardinghouse Reach (Summer of ’77) was G.K., John K, Marty Atkinson, and Mark Karan—who later went on to ‘ replace’ Jerry Garcia when the Dead regrouped as The Other Ones after Jerry’s death. Mark currently partners with Bob Wier as lead guitarist for Rat Dog. 

As they prospered on the local scene, Boardinghouse Reach was joined by Marty’s older brother James Atkinson—a veteran of Ronnie Hawkin’s Band, Kinky Friedman’s recordings, and performing and songwriting projects with Rick Danko of The Band.  After George and John (and eventually Jimmy Atkinson) got over masquerading as country music stars ( in the legendary Prairie Dogs, of Brisbane’s 23 Club) they formed Hooligan with british guitar wizard Cedric Curtis, who had briefly held the guitar chair in an early version of Boardinghouse Reach. Are you still following this?? 

After John K. headed for the mountains , and around the time Marty Atkinson lit out for Nashville with a major label recording deal, George and James started Medicine Bow—which included Willy Claflin who is currently a bright light on the American Storytellers touring circuit, and John Hasty who now is the drummer extraordinaire with The Bartron Tyler Group.  Congratulations if you’ve made it this far.


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